MRO parts to SAL must be shipped via SDV in MIA

Domestic Transport to SDV in MIA

  1. Contact On-Time Express
    Courrier électronique :
    Téléphone : 1-800-247-6999
    Ask for Darryl Tihey, Gwen Jacobs, Rob Harr, or Jeff Cark
    • Provide:
      • Time of day to pickup
      • Day of week to pickup
      • Is weekend transportation required?
      • 1-man or 2-man team required?
  2. A320 Interior Modification Program parts must be marked
  3. Consigned as:
    SDV/Aeroman S.A. c/o Delta Air Lines Inc.
    2101NW 82nd Avenue
    Miami, FL 33122
    Téléphone : 305-592-7222
    Kenneth Brown